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Landscaping Rocks for the Tampa, Dunedin & Clearwater, FL, Area

Buyer Be Aware

We sell our rock products by the cubic yard while some of our competitors sell theirs by the metric ton. This is fine until you try to do a price comparison… please keep in mind that comparing a ton to a yard is not an apples to apples comparison as one is a weight measurement (metric ton) and the other a volume measurement (cubic yard.) From a quantity standpoint a ton is less volume (quantity) than a yard so a ton will always be less material than a yard and therefore cheaper than a yard.

Typically, 1 ½ metric tons of rock equals one cubic yard of rock. So, if you need 4 yards of rock, you would need 6 tons of rock.

We have attached some helpful links backing this conversion up:







  • White and Brown River Rock - Egg Rock is the common name. It is smooth, rounded rock. Off white in color, with tan and gray mixed in.
  • Red Crimson - Also known as Red Cedar Bark. Rock looks like bark chips, but is a Red Rock.
  • Red Lava - Red burgundy in color from Washington State. 1" to 1 1/2" in size.
  • Salt & Pepper Granite 1" - Gray colored rock with black speckles that sparkle in sunlight.
  • Washed Crushed Shell 1/2" - Used for decorative landscape, paths, and drive ways.
  • Crushed concrete (fine) - most commonly used as a base for pavers.



We are always getting in new materials so feel free to give us a call at 727-942-1919 or 813-920-7169 if you have any questions about Landscaping Rock