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Salt & Pepper Granite 3/4″ and 1″ – 3″

Keep in mind We price our rock by the cubic yard while our competitors price theirs by the metric ton. A cubic yard is more material than a metric ton.

salt and pepper granite rock


Salt & Pepper Granite

Salt and Pepper Granite can be used in a variety of settings and landscapes.  This type of rock is a favorite of high-end landscapers and designers because of its beautiful appearance and because it will stand up to the elements of Florida.  From heat, wind and rain granite really can endure it all and still have very little effect on the structures in which it is used.  Salt and Pepper Granite will not give out after a period of time. It is a rock that is meant to last a lifetime.  Rock can be used to help prevent erosion, insulate plants from the heat or cold, minimize weed growth and promote maintenance free landscaping.  Never mulch again when you use rock.