4 Steps to Keep Your Garden Healthy This Spring

With the ushering of the spring season comes the time for spring cleaning around the house — and your garden is no exception. Here are 4 steps to help you keep your garden flourishing all through spring.

Spring Clean Up

The fall and winter seasons can leave branches and leaves behind, so come spring — before anything else — it’s important to clean those off the ground. If you have any trees or bushes it’s also important to trim any broken or dead branches still hanging around.

Give Your Soil the Care It Needs

Once you’ve cleared the area of the prior seasons’ debris, the next step is to get your soil ready for replanting. A wise move you’ll definitely want to go for is to test your soil to see if the ratios of its contents are fit to keep your plants thriving. The benchmark to keep in mind is that healthy soil contains 45% minerals, 25% water, 25% air, and 5% organic matter. Regardless, you’ll want to give your soil a good turn over to get any of those pesky weeds out and to keep your topsoil from compacting.

Find and Lay the Right Compost

Next, if your soil is lacking in any facet, you may need to add a good layer of compost to make sure your soil has enough of the right nutrients. But be careful when selecting where you get your compost from, as many of the composts available in the market contain pharmaceuticals, industrial solvents, heavy metals, and synthetic chemicals mixed in, which is no good for your plants. Luckily, here at our landscaping supply in Tampa we offer our certified organic compost which is made of only organic waste that has properly decomposed to help your soil’s lifespan and plant’s strength. Certified organic compost will also help with soil structure, water retention, and overall plant health.

Time to Plant!

After giving your soil one final check to make sure it has everything your precious plants need to prosper you’re ready to get planting. Be sure to be mindful of the space between your plants. You never want to crowd your plants, as that could inhibit their growth or even clear the way for some nasty diseases to run rampant.

Speaking of plant upkeep, it’s also worth noting that investing in good mulch or rocks can help minimize weed growth, prevent erosion, and insulate your plants as well as provide a clean, finished look to your garden.

We at Southern Landscaping Materials are ready to help provide you with affordable, quality materials such as mulch, rocks, compost, and topsoil. Let us assist you in keeping your garden absolutely lovely all spring!