5 Types of Landscaping Materials That Can Improve Your Property

landscaping shellThe landscaping supply you use for your outdoor property improvements is extremely important. Whether you’re outlining your land fixtures with landscaping shells or spreading landscape mulch across your property, these products are essential for property improvements as well as increasing overall home value.

Here are some landscaping supplies that can be easily picked up or delivered for same-day landscaping projects that you can do to improve your property:

  • Landscaping sand and dirt — One of the most popular options for outdoor improvements is simply placing landscaping dirt and sand across the yard. Both the dirt and the sand that is used is free of debris and, if you’re working with a quality supplier, is locally sourced. It’s important to use rich soils that are clean and fresh as well. If you’re using landscape supplies to improve your garden, the type of soil you use has to be of the highest quality.
  • Crushed concrete (base) — Crushed limestone and concrete screenings can work great for leveling or providing base layering on your property. Ensuring a proper base is the first step for providing stability to a property. These materials are great for interlocking pavers, patio blocks, and step stones.
  • Stones — Limestone and granite boulders can truly transform any property addition you plan on having. Since limestone is a very durable material, it has both gardening and landscaping benefits to improve any style of property.
  • Landscape mulch — Using the freshest type of mulch is key for mulch usage. Make sure you’re not letting mulch sit inside a warehouse for a while so it can remain as fresh as possible. If you’re placing mulch around newly planted trees, make sure to place a circle between three and four feet in diameter. Landscaping shells can work great as much covering as well.
  • Decorative rocks — There are plenty of decorative rocks that come in an assortment of colors to match with the rest of your property and landscaping fixtures.

If you want to learn more about using landscaping shells to improve your property or find high quality landscape supply products, give Southern Landscaping Materials a call today.