6 Things to Keep in Mind When Mulching Up Your Landscape

Landscaping is a very important feature of your home, yet many people only focus on the interior of their homes, ignoring the importance of their yard. However, landscaping can increase the value of your home by up to 14%, which means it actually offers a higher ROI than many interior remodeling projects.

In terms of landscape supply, you have many options. For example, topsoil, crushed concrete, pea gravel, and mulch can all be used to amp up the landscape of your home. When you apply mulch to you landscape, here are some things you should keep in mind, according to HGTV.

Keep your entire landscape in mind

When you decide where to place your mulch and what color to use, you want to make sure you are considering your entire landscape. You want to make sure your design is cohesive and pleasing to the eye from every angle.

Use mulch as an accent

Mulch can be practical as well as add aesthetic value to your landscape. You can play around with color to complement the exterior of your home, the flowers in your garden, or your shrubs and bushes. So while mulch can provide practical ground cover, it’s best used as an accent feature.

Mulch has environmental benefits

If you have bare soil on your property, consider putting a layer of mulch over it. Bare soil can cause erosion and sediment runoff, and mulching can help control erosion. Bare soil can lose up to five times as much sediment as soil that is covered in mulch.

Don’t forget about thickness

It is possible to have too much or too little mulch; it’s a balancing act. About three inches is recommended for mulch beds, and the area should be mulched twice a year to keep up the thickness.

Mulch at the right time of year

Laying mulch down during the wrong season can be detrimental. Mulching during the correct climates, like spring time, can help fend off weeds and conserve moisture. This will reduce your need to irrigate.

Don’t forget to clean

Often times, homeowners need to re-mulch every spring due to a loss of chips during the fall and winter months. When you re-mulch, make sure to remove some of the old mulch. Sometimes, mulch buildup can change the effectiveness of the mulch, so clearing it out will be beneficial.

Using mulch as a landscape tool is a great idea. Before you dive in, remember to keep your entire landscape design in mind, the environmental benefits of mulch, and the importance of correct application.