Advantages Of Using Rock In Your Landscaping

The purposes of a ground cover like rock is weed suppression, water retention and aesthetic appeal. Unlike mulch, stone maintains its original natural beauty and rarely needs replenishing. Using rock in your landscaping will help minimize weed growth, prevent erosion, and insulate your plants from both hot and cold weather. Never mulch again when you use rock.

Rock ground covers, such as river rock or lava rock, definitely have staying power. Rock is much more resilient to the elements, which plays into the sustainability. Wind, sun and rain are not going to speed up degradation or displace it like they do with wood mulch. Rock does not require topdressing every year and is easy to reuse. It can also be washed clean with a basic garden hose.

Rock is the best option for you if your garden has trouble with diseases because rock doesn’t harbor bacteria or fungi. Be sure to be careful with rock smothering your plants because it does retain heat and may cause water evaporation in plants. Always give your plants 2-3 inches of space surrounding the plant no matter what type of ground cover you use.  On the plus side, heat retaining rock is able to keep your patio area warm during the cold spells that Florida experiences in the winter.

Southern Landscaping Material has many different types of rock for you to choose from. Come on in and take a look or feel free to peruse our website.