Are You Ready for the Winter Landscape Season? Learn to Make the Most of It

As winter quickly approaches, landscaping enthusiasts and homeowners are preparing their landscapes for the harsh weather. Though winter landscaping seems relatively simple, there are actually a few complexities that should be taken into account. Let’s explore how to keep your landscape thriving all winter long.

Winter Challenges

Comparatively, the winter landscaping approach is relatively different than the spring season. It takes more effort to plan ahead of the winter season when it comes to landscaping because of the colder weather and drier climate. Water is more susceptible to freezing, which could impede your plants’ ability to receive the moisture they need. The dry air will also deprive your plants of moisture, much like how it dries out our own lips.

Winter Maintenance

Moreover, landscape maintenance and clean-up in the winter season requires more work. One night of low temperatures could seriously harm your precious plants. We recommend utilizing mulch to help insulate your plants’ roots. Not only will good layers of fresh mulch protect your plants from the harsh winter nights, but it also reduces the likelihood of soil erosion and weed growth.

Another important winter landscaping activity is pruning. Generally, there won’t be much to prune during the winter, as most plants are pruned in the spring. However, a few plants that ought to be pruned in the winter include fruit bushes, wisteria, fig-trees, and roses.

Weighing Everything Out

In comparison to the fall season, winter landscaping offers plenty of benefits. Though investigating ways to retain moisture is a must for the winter, one great benefit of winter landscaping is that watering will become less and less of a requirement as opposed to early fall, when temperatures are still relatively warm. It’s important to note that if any watering is needed, it should be done early in the day so as to avoid freezing during the night.

Overall, winter landscaping presents a few relatively simple challenges that, when dealt with correctly, will set you up to reap the benefits of this chilly season. We encourage you to invest in whatever landscaping project you dream to see complete, as landscaping can significantly increase a home’s total resale value by at least 14%.