Consider These Landscaping Tips When Working With Crushed Shells

crushed shellIf you’re planning a major outdoor project, you’re going to need the right landscape supply. You’ll need quality soil for potted plants just like you’ll need the right crushed shell for concrete jobs. In addition to having the necessary materials, you’re going to need to know exactly how to landscape with them.

Here are some tips for landscaping with crushed shells and rocks.

Determine the best place for your shells
It’s important to figure out exactly where in your yard you want to place your shells. If you’re thinking about just doing general landscaping jobs with your material, you’ll likely end up using medium-sized shells, but if you want to create a walkway, you’ll need a much smaller crushed rock or shell. If you’re thinking about placing these shells down as an outline for your garden or yard, take a look at the surrounding area as well. You’ll likely only need a one-inch layer of small crushed rocks to provide good weed control and give your yard a more defined look.

Once you determine where your crushed shells will go, mark the spot
The easiest way to plan your landscaping projects is to mark the edges of the areas you actually want to place the shells or rocks. Use plastic edging to separate the area where you’ll be starting your project.

Clean up the area before beginning your project
It’s best to remove all gravel, grass, mulch, or other lawn coverings before you start placing your crushed rocks or shells down. If you’re going to be outlining flowers, bushes, or other plants with your shells, make sure to actually plant them first, too.

Lay the shell layers down and rake afterwards
Try and lay the shells down between one and three inches thick. Keep in mind that your shells could spread over time so make sure to keep them as tight as possible. You should rake your shells afterward to make sure that everything is even and looks as good as possible.

If you’re ready to start planning an outdoor landscaping project, it’s time to get all the right products. If you’re in need of landscaping shells or crushed rocks, contact Southern Landscaping Materials today.