Driveway Options: What Works

Your property has a driveway, and while you haven’t given this exterior feature a lot of thought, it’s worth it to you to consider the ways you can make this part of your home most effective. Did you know that one of the popular uses for pea gravel, for example, is to fill a dirt driveway with?


When it comes to your driveway, certain materials will work better than others. Just like there are different ways to describe mulch, such as organic and inorganic in its application and makeup, there are different ways to describe driveway materials. What works best for your needs depends largely upon the current condition of your drive, how much you want to spend on your driveway, and what attractive appeal you are trying to achieve. Here are driveway options for your property.


Crushed Shell for Driveways


Do you want a driveway that is comprised of natural elements that won’t destroy the earth in the process? Unlike asphalt and cement, which are common elements in a traditional drive, crushed shell for driveways is a natural, organic product that will blend well with the environment it serves.


Here’s a bonus: crushed shell is available in a variety of colors that you can select from, so you can create a custom driveway that matches your personal style best. Or, you can blend this type of material with topsoil to help you create a healthier land for your plants to grow while creating a soil erosion control barrier at once.


Pea Gravel for Driveways


You may be wondering this: What is pea gravel for? Pea gravel is great because it can be used in many ways, just like crushed shell for driveways can be used in many ways. You can use pea gravel to fill in a dirt driveway or to line your property barrier. You can also use any leftover gravel after you complete your driveway project to fill in spots around your property like flower beds.


Mixtures of Organic and Inorganic Materials for Driveways


If you want a unique driveway design, consider mixing your options together to create a custom drive. You can used crushed shell for driveways and pea gravel together to create a custom drive that will be both effective and durable. You can also save money if you are on a budget by combining these two options together.


Whether you have an older driveway you want to redesign or a new driveway that could use some finishing touches, use this guide to help you get the most out of your driveway remodeling situation. You can build up your driveway in many ways to get the most out of your experience.