Eco-Friendly Material Options For Your Driveway

crushed shell for drivewaysHomeowners are starting to make more choices about their home and property based on the environmental impact, and the driveway is no different. The goals of a green driveway are to control runoff, prevent flooding, replenish groundwater by making sure water can permeate through the driveway rather than running off the top of it, and using a material that doesn’t need frequent reapplication. Know these eco-friendly options for paving your driveway and you’ll be on your way to a green home in no time.


Crushed Shell

By using crushed shell for driveways, you can get a unique look while making an environmentally-friendly choice. Their porous nature allows plenty of water to percolate into the ground and prevents harmful runoff. After being driven over and walked on for some time, the crushed shells will break down even further and disperse themselves evenly, making a stable surface without any ruts or holes. When you use crushed shell for driveways, you are also using crushed shell as nutrients. As the shells decompose, they send helpful nutrients into the ground below.



Natural stone pavers are a great eco-friendly option that will create a more traditional-looking driveway. The pavers are permeable, as the gaps between the pavers allows water to run directly through it rather than run off of it. These pavers give several different options in color and design, allowing you to get creative with your driveway design or stick with a standard look. As pavers are a durable material, you won’t need to frequently replace them.


Crushed Concrete

Similar to stone pavers, crushed concrete will create a driveway that appears like the other ones on the block, but is an alternative that is far better for the environment. Crushed concrete is made out of recycled concrete from old sidewalks, curbing, building slabs, and pavements. As it is crushed into small pieces, this concrete allows water to permeate the driveway. Although it is crushed, this concrete will look nearly identical to regular concrete.


Investing in your driveway and outer appearance of your home can have long-term benefits. When you spent just 5% of your home’s value on landscaping, you can see an ROI of as much as 150%, and with more homebuyers valuing environmentally-friendly options, creating a green driveway will be a huge draw for potential buyers in the future.