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Below you can find some of the frequent questions we receive about landscaping materials:

What does SLM mean when they say their mulch is “fresh?”
Mulch is essentially ground up parts of live trees. The closer the mulch is to the time it was ground up, the fresher it is. Because SLM sells thousands of cubic yards of mulch every week, we are constantly replenishing our stock with mulch straight from the grinders at the mill.
Is a metric ton the same quantity of material as a cubic yard?
No, a cubic yard of material is actually more! A cubic yard covers more square footage (area) than a metric ton of material.
Is buying mulch in bulk from SLM cheaper than buying it by the bag?
It varies from product to product, but in most cases if there is a difference in cost, it won’t be more than a couple of pennies.
What is the best way to figure out the quantity that I need?
First, it’s helpful to know the square footage of the area you wish to cover. You can do this by multiplying the length and width of each individual area to be covered with new material, and then adding those up to get a total square footage of all areas.

Once you have done this, you can visit our product calculator to learn what your required material quantity should be. Feel free to call us at 727-351-8183 or 813-364-4638 if you need additional guidance. We’d be happy to help!

Should I use a weed mat under my new material?
Adding weed mats is not always necessary, but it can make your materials last longer because it creates a barrier between the terrain and your new material.
How long will mulch last?
In most cases, mulch lasts one year. Some people choose to replenish their mulch more often, while others replenish less frequently. Your ideal frequency will vary based on the sun exposure, shade, erosion, breakdown, and thickness of your area.
Will my rock get moldy or change in color?
Mold and algae will grow anywhere that is wet and dark. Porous rocks — like lava rock — may retain more moisture than other types.
I live on a small lot and only need a small amount of material. Can your delivery trucks accommodate this type of delivery?
SLM has various sizes of delivery trucks that enable us to assign the right truck for the job. You may also want to consider driving up with a small container — like a bucket or large can — if you’re looking for a very small amount of material.

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