Fill Dirt and Why You Should Use It

Fill dirt is an earthy material which is used to fill in a depression or hole in the ground or create mounds or otherwise artificially change the grade or elevation of your property. Since this dirt has little to no organic matter within it, it is best used, as the name implies, for filling any area of the ground that requires building up, rather than using it for areas where landscaping or planting will occur. Fill Dirt in Florida is generally a sandy material and commonly the dirt is a tan or brown in color. If you are using Fill Dirt in landscaping it is essential to get dirt that is as clean as possible. The dirt should be free of organic matter since organic matter will decompose creating pockets of empty space within the fill which could result in settling. Settling of the soil fill can and will possibly result in damage to any structures built on the fill.

Fill Dirt can be used to fill low areas or holes in your yard, fill in a swimming pool, preparation for sod or even raise the grade of your property for the best drainage. Fill Dirt can also be used in landscaping and hardscaping projects to create a base for the materials used in ponds, waterfalls and rock gardens. Just about any project that requires dirt in order to fill in a hole or cavity or to raise or level the ground is a good candidate for fill dirt. Some of the most common projects that this material is used for include filling holes, leveling off embankments and raising areas in the ground. The dirt can be used for construction and/or landscaping projects both large and small.

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