Fill Dirt: Where Functionality Meets Beauty

types of fill dirtMany people enjoy gardening as a hobby. Some also are interested in raising vegetables and herbs as well as flowers. But before a garden can flourish, it needs good soil. Here are four types of fill dirt to choose from when setting up your garden.

1. Rocks

Rocks and stones are excellent types of fill dirt, especially when drainage is an essential part of the project. Crushed rocks and stone provide a nice, tight, compact foundation for a construction project such as a driveway. Crushed rocks and stones are also fantastic fill components for septic tanks.

2. Fine-Grained Soil

Fine-grained soil is excellent fill dirt material for gardens and residential homes. It is very easily compacted, and provides a nice base for your project. The fine texture made is easy to handle and it is water soluble, too. Be advised, however, that if you are in an area that needs a lot of good drainage, the fine-grained soil may not be the best choice.

3. Commercial Byproducts

You may be wondering: what are commercial byproducts? Commercial byproducts are some types of fill that can be used when other natural fill dirt products are not available. For example, ash and slag are materials that can be combined with clay into a mixture that can be used as effective fill material. Adding affordable landscaping supplies make gardening even more fun. Items such as seashells for landscaping, pea gravel, and freshly milled mulch can make your garden stand out.

4. Coarse-Grained Soil

Coarse-grained soil is one of the most common types of fill dirt. It is usually composed of a mixture of sand and gravel, or made of gravel soils or sandy types of soil. If you are looking for a firm foundation for your project, coarse-grained soil is an excellent choice among types of fill dirt.

After looking at these different types of fill soils, there is no doubt that it’s exciting to embark upon creating a garden or a landscape design project to beautify your property. At the same time, it is clear that it is of the utmost importance–even imperative–to have the best soil possible for your plants. Texture and fertility are the two most basic factors on which the quality of your soil is evaluated. With these two factors, you will be on your way. The dream you are imagining in your mind’s eye will turn into the reality you’ll be able to enjoy for a long time to come.