Have You Considered Seashells for Landscaping?

Crushed shell in bulk can be exactly what your landscaping needs to look simply amazing. You can add about 14% resale value to your home by simply landscaping the outside. Crushed seashells for landscaping can really add a unique aesthetic to your property, and of course, potentially increase the resale value.

Crushed shell in bulk is a great alternative to other hardscape materials like gravel and mulch. Crushed shell for driveways, crushed shell ground covering adds a bit more interest than traditional hardscape materials and can really make your landscaping stand out from the crowds.

A Brief History of Crushed Seashells In Landscaping

Coastal towns in the North East started using the crushed shell in their landscaping during colonial times. Shellfish was a staple for colonial Americans and instead of simply disposing of the shells some savvy colonial person started using the discarded shells for pathways, and as they say the rest is history.

Crushed shell as nutrients to replenish the soil also became a popular practice dating way back before colonists arrived. Oyster shells, clamshells, scallop shells, mussel shells, conch shells are all rich in calcium and other nutrients that feed the soil. There is evidence that native Americans used seashells to shore up their crops.

What Makes it Such a Great Choice?

This is a natural material that is good for the environment. This is a highly sustainable material that requires minimal processing before it reaches you. It is also a healthy environmental choice because it is good for the soil.

As the shells break down nutrients are released into the soil. You do not need to do anything special to get the benefits of this landscaping material. The shells do not have to be treated with chemicals or fungicide.

This is a naturally pretty material that is durable and can withstand years of use and still look great. Unlike other mulching and hardscaping material, it does not lose its color over time. For footpaths, and driveways the more you use it the more durable it becomes.

You can avoid the ruts that you often will get with other materials when you choose crushed shell in bulk for your driveway. Shells are porous so the water runs through them slowly into the ground, instead of washing them away like gravel.

Cost Effective and Beautiful

Buying crushed shell in bulk can actually be more cost-effective than other options like gravel or river stones. For many homeowners, this makes crushed shell their medium of choice to create beautifully impressive landscaping.

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