How To Repair Washout Under Your Lawn

The heavy Florida rains can easily cause washout in your yard under the sod. If your yard has low spots or is uneven due to washout, it can be brought up to grade with fill dirt or top soil. The object is to fill holes or low spots in your yard so that the entire yard is level or on the same grade.

Here’s how:

1. Locate any depressions in your yard and use a narrow-nosed shovel or a spade to remove the section of grass around the area. Remove the clump of grass with care because you will be replacing it later.

2. Fill the depression with either fill dirt or top soil. Continue to add material until the level is just above the grade of the lawn. Spread out the soil with the garden rake. Work excess dirt into the yard until the area is level with the existing grade.

3. Set the clump of grass you removed earlier back onto the depression area. Press down on the clump of grass to work the roots into the dirt. This will help the grass re-root into the dirt.

4. You’ll need to water the yard for the next few days. This will help the roots of the transplanted grass to take hold in the new fill dirt or top soil.

SLM can deliver fill dirt or top soil six days a week. If you need help figuring out how much material you may need, use the product calculator on our website.