Impeccable Pavers: How to Use Stones and Bricks in Your Backyard

Most homeowners realize that they need to invest in landscaping. Not only can landscaping increase your home’s resale value by 14%, but it can also allow you to enjoy your property a whole lot more. Of course, elements like beautiful flowers and lush trees can make your property stand out. But hardscaping elements from your landscaping supply resource can also make a huge difference. For example, using pavers in creative ways can easily transform an otherwise dull backyard into one with tons of visual interest. In today’s post, we’ll learn a bit more about natural stone pavers and how to utilize them in your landscaping.

What Are Pavers, Anyway?

Pavers are essentially pieces of stone, brick, tile, or concrete that are often used in exterior flooring. They can be made of different materials, all of which produce different looks. They can also come in different shapes, though many are rectangular or square. They are typically rather neutral in color and are most often seen in gray, brown, or red varieties (though they can come in other hues). And while they are frequently used in patio design, there are dozens of other ways to incorporate natural stone pavers into your landscaping.

How Can Pavers Be Used in Landscaping?

  • Use These Landscaping Rocks to Make a Charming Path
    Pavers make for the perfect pathways. Whether you want to create a walkway from the street to your front door or highlight a hidden part of your garden, pavers are an ideal way to go. They offer much more character than poured concrete and feel less industrial than gravel. If you have a historic home or want to infuse some vintage charm into your property, adding a simple walkway with pavers can be extremely effective.
  • Map Out a Fire Pit with Natural Stone Pavers
    Who doesn’t want to gather ’round the fire pit on pleasant summer nights to socialize (and even roast some marshmallows)? An outdoor fireplace isn’t complete without a designated area to sit or a safe spot to build the fire. Pavers can allow for both while improving the overall look of your property.
  • Utilize Landscape Rock to Create a Raised Veggie Garden
    If you’ve got a green thumb and are determined to grow your own food this summer, you can use pavers to create a raised bed for your tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and other bounty. Not only will it make your veggie garden look pleasant to the eye, but this technique can also keep weeds out. Using pavers throughout your whole garden space can add continuity to your landscape design, as well.
  • Design a Water Feature Using Natural Stone Pavers
    There’s nothing more soothing than the sounds of a fountain or watching the water in a backyard pond. You don’t have to be blessed with a natural water source (or invest a huge sum) to achieve these features on your property. You can create a cascading waterfall or quaint pond using pavers and other stones. That way, you’ll have a peaceful spot to escape to whenever you’re having a stressful day and can keep cool during the summer.

Now you’ll know that pavers aren’t just for patios — though they can have a beautiful effect there, too. To find out more about using natural stone, gravel, and other landscaping supply products, please contact us today.