Improving Your Property: 4 Landscaping DONT’s to Avoid

landscape supplyProper landscaping can significantly boost your home’s value and your entire property’s appearance. Homeowners across the country focusing on keeping their yards clean and then going the extra mile are ahead of the game and have some of the nicest properties around. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as simply gathering some landscape supply material and placing it all around your yard — there are landscaping errors that you need to look out for in order to avoid ruining your property.

Here are some of the major landscaping DON’Ts to avoid:

  • Don’t start landscaping without a plan — Far too many homeowners decide they want to improve their property’s landscape, but don’t go into it with a plan. You need to start outlining every plan and decision so you aren’t getting overwhelmed when you start. Thinking long term when it comes to landscaping is a great idea. Conversely, winging it is a terrible idea — so make sure you’re planning ahead.
  • Don’t overdue it with crushed gravel — Crushed rocks can look great on a property, but too much can actually cause some real problems, and not just involving aesthetics. For instance, if you’re attempting to place some crushed gravel around a garden or individual plants, using a little bit can work great for weed control, but too much can overcrowd your plants and look tacky. A one-inch layer of small crushed rocks can provide adequate weed control.
  • Don’t pickup your own landscape supply — If you need landscape mulch, crushed rock, topsoil, or other outdoor materials, don’t just head to the store and purchase these items yourself. There are quality landscaping material companies that will deliver these items directly to your front yard.
  • Don’t let ivy or vines cover your home — A lot of property owners think that vines and ivy climbing up a home actually looks good, but if it’s not handled properly, it can actually look terrible. As long as you’re properly trimming these vines, you should be fine. But if you’re not, they will cover windows, gutters, and the rest of your home.

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