Keep Your Plants Healthy and Strong With Quality Potting Soil

potting soilPotting soil, also known as potting mix, is used to grow healthy plants, vegetables, and herbs inside a pot or other durable container. This form of gardening dates back as easy as 1861, and even though there are dozens of high-tech innovations impacting the agricultural industry, it seems as though potted plants aren’t going anywhere.

Whether it’s an outdoor garden or a few small pots inside a home, these potted plants can give excellent visual boosts to a property, essentially raising the home value and improving the overall look and feel of a property. Because potted plants can look so great in and outside of the home, people will always look to implement these gardening items into their property designs.

No matter what types of soil you’re using, it’s important that you’re using healthy materials in order to keep your plants and crops looking healthy and strong. Healthy potting soil contained 45% minerals, 25% air, 25% water, and 5% organic matter.

Here are some of the main functions of potting mix soils:

  • To hold nutrients and moisture around the roots of your plants.
  • To provide sufficient air flow for growing roots to be able to breath and prevent rotting.
  • To support the plant or drop, providing anchorage for all roots inside the potted soil. Since a soil mix needs to completely settle around the roots of your plant in order for it to remain in place, you have to make sure your soil is healthy and strong enough to do so. Conversely, the soil needs to be light enough in order to allow water and air to be present underneath the soil’s surface.

So when you’re selecting potted soil, make sure it’s healthy, it’s light and fluffy, and is equipped with quality moisture retaining treatments so your plants can thrive all year-round.

If you want to learn more about how potting soil can help improve the look and feel of your landscape, or work with trusted bagged mulch delivery services, give Southern Landscaping Materials a call today.