Landscaping Tips: 3 Mulching Do’s and 3 Mulching Don’ts

bagged mulchYou’ve already learned quite a bit about the importance of mulch on your property and even a few tips to achieve the best outdoor results. But now it’s time to take a deeper dive into the world of landscape mulch.

If you have a bunch of bagged mulch ready to unload around your property, before you get right into laying this nutrient-rich material, make sure that you’re fully aware of these important do’s and don’ts:

Mulching DO’s:

  • Replace your organic mulch — There are two types of mulch that homeowners can use to improve the look and feel of their property: organic mulch and inorganic mulch. If you’re using organic mulch (wood chips, grass clippings, compost, etc.), you must replace them at least once a year.
  • Use mulch as outdoor accent pieces — There are plenty of outdoor health benefits of mulching, but the aesthetic advantages are wonderful as well. Mulch can complement not only the rest of the features on the landscape, but the exterior of your home as well. Pick a visual theme to decorate your property with and use mulch to compliment the rest of your landscape and home.
  • Work with a bagged mulch delivery service — Don’t just head to Home Depot and spend hours looking at certain products — contact the pros and have them deliver the exact amount of mulch you need for your various outdoor projects delivered right to your front step.

Mulching DON’Ts:

  • Use inorganic mulch in high temperatures — If you live in an area that gets extremely hot during certain parts of the year, you need to be careful about placing inorganic mulch down. Inorganic mulch includes river rock, gravel, stones, and using crushed shell as nutrients. These materials are great for weed prevention and can work wonders for giving your property a decorative look, but inorganic mulch could overheat and ruin your garden and lawn if you’re not careful.
  • Ignore mulching around trees — Mulch needs to be placed around the base of a tree in order to protect the truck. Especially when it comes to younger trees, mulch rings will keep your trees safe from lawn mowers and other outdoor threats.
  • Use unreliable mulch — Using bad mulch can not only look bad, but it can harm your lawn and property. If you got mulch from an unreliable source, it might contain noxious weed seeds that could damage your entire property.

If you want to learn more about some even more in-depth landscaping mulch do’s and don’ts, or work with a trusted bagged mulch delivery service, contact Southern Landscaping Materials today!