Small Washed Shell

Small washed shell is a natural, beautiful, and functional ground covering, which reminds of the sea and luscious beach living. This particular variety is composed of smaller shells. Shells are commonly used as a paving material. In the USA, seashell paths were used since Colonial times as a result of early-American recycling efforts.

Crushed shell can regularly be seen in Florida landscape locations such as in Ozona, Crystal Beach, or Dunedin. It provides a decorative ground covering that lends a crisp, tidy appearance, and a contrasting color against the green shades of lawn, trees, or plants.

A great alternative to gravel, shells can be used on paths, patios, courtyards, and driveways. As the shells are walked on or driven over, they break into smaller pieces that disperse evenly, creating a stable surface that’s not prone to the ruts and holes you normally get with crushed stone toppings.

Another benefit of this material is that, as long as they come from a sustainable harvesting operation, shells are environmentally friendly. They provide excellent drainage, since rainwater runs through them to percolate into the ground. Also, shells are a natural material that sends nutrients into the ground below as they decompose.

The most common shells used for hardscaping come from oysters, clams, and scallops. Their differences are subtle, mostly in color and how they break down. Oyster shells, primarily off-white and gray, break down in a way that makes them more compact and, subsequently, more stable over time. Clam shells, mostly off-white or yellow-white, are slightly more fragile and will break down faster than oyster shells. They also compact nicely for vehicle traffic. Scallop shells add brown coloration to the mix. Despite initial variations in color, all the shells bleach under the sun and become lighter over time.

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Why Do We Recommend Crushed Shell?

  • Small washed shells are environmentally friendly
  • Provides excellent drainage
  • Affordable when bought in bulk
  • It can be used for decorative landscapes, paths, and driveways
  • Shell hardscaping is best for level surfaces
  • Makes a contrasting white ground covering for plants and flowers with highly saturated colors
  • Sea shells contain calcium, which enters the soil as the shells break down to provide additional nutrients for plants

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