Pea Gravel

When it comes to selecting a material that is durable and inexpensive, SLM has some of the best quality gravel Tampa Bay has to offer.

These stones can be used to dress up any property and are highly functional. Pea gravel is also a great companion of any other type of decorative rock. The smooth surface of this stone can add appeal to your landscape design by enhancing the visual textures of other decorative rocks.

It is is primarily used in landscaping, but it can also be used in driveways and aquariums. It’s a popular material for walking paths, patios, fire pits, schools, children’s playgrounds, and building facilities. Because of its tendency to move around, pea gravel needs to be contained by some type of sturdier material, such as brick, stones, or metal edging.

Unlike crushed stone, which is uneven and can have sharp edges, pea gravel is a small, smooth stone with rounded edges. These small stones can measure between diameters of ¼” and 1” on average. They are known for their sleek texture and natural coloration. Its variety of hues creates visual dimension and texture that can add to the perceived value of any project. It is also shock absorbent, smooth, and easy to walk upon.

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We price our rock by the cubic yard while our competitors price theirs by the metric ton. A cubic yard is more material than a metric ton.

We sell by:

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  • bag_icon Bag
  • bucket_icon Bucket
  • pound_icon Pound
  • Drop N Rock Drop N Rock

Available in our innovative Drop N Rock solution, which allows you to fill your wheelbarrow without shoveling! Read more details.

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Why Do We Recommend Gravel?

  • Ideal for driveways, walking paths, patios or fire pit areas
  • It is an inexpensive and versatile material
  • Helps offset the size of large decorative boulders
  • Mix and match with other decorative rocks
  • Great to enhance or draw attention to your garden
  • Safe for children to play on
  • Allows drainage and avoids flooding
  • Prevents erosion
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Retains moisture
  • Does not decompose like organic mulch
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install

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