Weed Matting

Our weed mat — also known as landscape fabric — is a high grade, plastic-coated fabric that is tightly woven for strength and durability, yet also allows proper drainage. A high quality weed mat will suppress the growth of weeds, while at the same time providing sufficient drainage for the soil underneath so that it stays moist and nourished.

The use of a weed mat in a flower bed — regardless of how complex or simple it may be — can be an effective, non-toxic means to stop the growth of weeds.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Serves as a barrier between the earth and your new material of choice
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Prolongs the life of your surface material
  • Protects your materials against erosion
  • Maintains soil moist and nourished

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Approximate Cubic Yards Required: