Bagged Mulch Delivery

Like your mulch in bags? SLM also offers our complete Bagged Mulch Delivery straight to your home or job site. As with our bulk mulch, our bagged mulch is top grade and always super fresh from the mill, which means longer life in your landscape. Our truck and forklift combination allow us to neatly set your bags in your driveway, or any place our forklift can get to.

Bagged Mulch Delivery — whether Red Mulch, Brown Mulch, Black Mulch, or any other types — is one more convenience we offer at SLM, along with our standard service features like Same-Day Delivery, all major credit cards accepted, and our assurance that you’ll always be guided by our helpful, knowledgeable staff.

We sell by:

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Same-Day Delivery available, Contact Us Now!

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Your Bagged Mulch is Delivered straight to your location — no need to lift heavy bags from a shopping cart and into your vehicle.
  • Our forklift removes your bags from our truck, and neatly lays them on your driveway or other section of your property.
  • Mulch controls weeds by suppressing their growth
  • Creates a protective barrier around your plants and over the soil
  • Stabilizes soil moisture
  • Buffers soil temperature
  • Maintains moisture for plants

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