Pine Bark

Pine bark mulch is made of shredded bark from pine trees and is very commonly used in gardening. Its natural color is a beautiful reddish brown — absolutely no dyes are used.

At SLM we carry both Pine Bark Nuggets, as well as Pine Bark Minis.

This mulch does not compact like most mulches. Pine bark lasts longer than most types of mulch and is also an excellent soil conditioner. It’s great for loosening up heavy soils, and because of its acidity, it promotes root growth. It’s also great for your acid loving plants.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Great for loosening heavy soils
  • Promotes root growth
  • Good for acid loving plants
  • It lasts for years compared to regular mulch due to its large size
  • Controls weeds
  • Adds nutrients to the soil as it breaks down
  • Allows plants more time to absorb water

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