Certified Organic Compost

Certified organic compost is essential for organic gardening. Adding good quality organic compost, or spraying compost tea, adds beneficial soil microbes and nutrients to organic soil, adds organic matter, and increases water retention.

The problem is that much of the compost available — typically at home-improvement stores — also contains human sewage sludge, which may include pharmaceuticals, synthetic chemicals, industrial solvents, and even heavy metals.

Certified organic compost features only organic waste that has properly decomposed and is exactly what your plants are asking for. High-quality compost is teeming with life, full of beneficial microorganisms that will help improve your soil’s life and your plants’ vitality.

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Why Do We Recommend it?

  • Increases microbial activity, which aid in the nutrition of plants
  • Supports a lush harvest for organic fruit and vegetable plants
  • Helps suppress plant disease
  • Increases soil fertility
  • Improves soil structure in clay soils
  • Improves water retention in sandy soils

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