Potting Soil Mix

Our specially-formulated potting soil feeds plants for up to 6 months, which result in more blooms and more color.

It is composed of pine bark fines and Florida peat mixed together. Good potting soil will provide support for your growing plants, along with adequate drainage, nutrients, and aeration for the roots. It is intended as a medium in which to grow plants, herbs, and vegetables in a pot or other durable containers.

Good potting mediums are designed to not compact too much in the challenging environment of containers. It will not dry out too quickly but will resist compacting so that the plant’s roots can take up water and moisture from their surroundings. The roots must also have access to oxygen, which means that the soil can’t be too dense.

Potting soil is normally composed with a proportion of 60% fines to 40% peat. Fine barks help extend the life of our potting soil, and will also help retain moisture and nutrients. Peat provides great moisture retention and maintains air space for healthy growing roots.
There are different types of soils. These mixtures can be specific to the type of plant such as succulents, orchids, roses, acid-loving plants, and seed starting. Also, they can be specific to the type of environment a certain plant needs to properly grow. The right kind of soil will depend on your gardening project. If required, we can also assist you toward the creation of your own specialty mix. Just call us and let us know the nature of your project and our helpful assistants will gladly give you an expert recommendation.

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Why Do We Recommend Potting Soil?

  • Grow your garden with nutrient-rich soil
  • Get more blooms and color in your plants and flowers
  • Holds moisture and nutrients
  • Provides enough air for your plants’ growing roots
  • Supports your plants by providing proper anchorage
  • Creates a balanced atmosphere for the growth of your plants
  • Features pine bark fines and Florida peat mixed in with the soil, for additional nutrients and moisture support
  • Specialty mixes are available by request

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