Because Florida naturally has very sandy soil, you will want to ensure that you are using the right type of topsoil Tampa Bay’s homeowners and landscapers use for gardening. Our product features a special mixture that is most conducive to our Florida environment and helps promote growth.

Topsoil receives its name because it refers to the top layer of soil on the surface of the earth. This is the healthy, nutrient-rich layer of earth that sits at the very top and consists mainly of organic matter. As a result, topsoil creates an ideal place for plants to take root, grow, and thrive. This type of soil’s color is often a deep shade of black.

Depending on the location, the layer of soil may be 3 to 10 inches deep, and its texture may vary. Good topsoil contains a balanced mixture of nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, and other nutrients, which are essential for plant growth. Performing a soil test is a good place to begin because it will tell you which nutrients your garden is lacking so you can look for a soil that includes these nutrients.

One of the most important choices you will make when it comes to gardening is choosing the right type of soil — if you choose the wrong one, it could negatively affect the growth and vitality of your garden.

At SLM, you will find some of the richest topsoil Tampa Bay has to offer.

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Why Do We Recommend Topsoil?

  • Rich and screened for cleanliness
  • It is locally-sourced
  • Ideal for projects that require steady growth for flowers, fruits, and vegetables
  • The right composition can contain the nutrients and proper pH balance to successfully grow all types of plants
  • Useful for placing sod or rejuvenating old sod
  • Can help improve the rate of percolation and drainage
  • Retains moisture
  • Enriched with nutrients for healthy plants

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