Mulch vs. Rocks: Which Is Best for Your Landscaping?

natural stone paversNow that the weather is warm, many homeowners are thinking about managing and redoing their landscaping. Not only can landscaping increase a home’s resale value by up to 14%, but it simply makes a home look better. And fortunately, the possibilities with landscaping are endless, so homeowners can make their outdoor area their own. But one common problem people face when landscaping is choosing between mulch and rocks. So let’s take a look at a few differences between these two products.


When Should You Use Mulch?


Mulch is extremely beneficial in helping plants and trees grow quickly because it can hold water and nutrients, which help aid in growth. This means homeowners will have to water their plants less. Using mulch can also minimize the growth of weeds, which results in less maintenance overall. There are several types of mulch that have different benefits for plants and even different aesthetics. Because of this, homeowners can choose the right mulch for their specific landscaping needs. However, mulch does need to be replaced every few years to ensure it stays fresh and doesn’t do more harm than good. But overall, mulch is a great choice for any landscaping project.


When Should You Use Rocks?


While mulch can offer several benefits, so can rocks — using materials like crushed concrete, pea gravel, and other landscape rocks can be particularly beneficial in areas with poor drainage. Rocks and loose stone will allow water to drain properly, ensuring plants don’t become over-watered. Additionally, rocks can be useful in areas where people may walk. Natural stone pavers give people the opportunity to walk in the area without harming any nearby plants. And rocks are also great to use around the house for added durability and drainage. All in all, using landscaping rocks and natural stone pavers is a low-cost, easy maintenance option for landscaped areas.


As you can see, both mulch and rocks offer several benefits for landscaping. Both of these materials offer the benefit of less maintenance and added aesthetics, so in the end, it’s ultimately up to the homeowner to decide which look they like best. And if you’re in need of either mulch or landscaping rocks, choose Southern Landscaping Materials for all of your landscaping needs this summer.