Premium Crushed Concrete Adds Value to Home Landscaping

When you spend at least 5% of the value of your home on landscaping, you stand to enjoy a return on your investment as much as 150%. Once you’ve decided to add or improve your landscaping, where should you start? It is always wise to start from the ground up. Would you like to install attractive walkways? Do you need to finish a terrace or path? Does your home need more stability? Those are all reasons why premium crushed concrete is the perfect choice for your projects.

You can use concrete that has been crushed for leveling and base layers alike. Before you get started, it is important to know everything you can learn about the landscaping ground supplies you want to use. Be sure to ask, “What is crushed concrete made from?” to find out about this popular landscaping supply.

Turn to Aggregate Suppliers Who Can Answer Your Questions

When adding or improving any type of landscaping you need to be sure that you start from the ground and work your way up. You need a proper base first. This will help to mitigate any settling and give your projects more stability.

A great choice for a base layer is crushed concrete, although there are also many other uses for crushed concrete, as well. There are different types including crushed concrete road base, crushed concrete fines, and crushed concrete pipe bedding to name a few. If you haven’t ever heard of this type of material before, you may be wondering what is crushed concrete made from?

What Is Crushed Concrete Made From?

It takes experience in landscape grounding supplies offered by top aggregate suppliers to answer the question, “What is crushed concrete made from?” Nearly every mix of crushed concrete is made from pavements, old sidewalks, building slabs, and curbing.

Those items are compiled, processed, and screened until they are crushed into much smaller pieces. Any leftover steel is removed using a magnet. This allows for proper quality control so you are assured aesthetically pleasing, well-graded, concrete materials that are the ideal substitute for landscaping stone.

There Are a Few Different Types of Crushed Concrete

#57 concrete is a type of recycled concrete that’s been crushed and is eco-friendly. This variety is crushed to ¾”, and is used for drainage projects and concrete mix landscaping. It is considered to be a replacement for applications such as rock filter dams, stabilized construction access, staging areas, laydown yards, sub-base for concrete or asphalt paving, and all-weather roads.

Crushed concrete fines is another recycled substance that is also eco-friendly. It is very versatile and sturdy. Recycled concrete has nothing to do with being sub-standard either. Concrete that is reused is extremely safe and durable. Use it for all building projects and as the base of patios and driveways.

The road base type of crushed concrete has been recycled back for use as a top construction material. This concrete range is a valuable resource for landscaping projects that include pathways, walkways, drives and more. Utilizing this kind of recycled substance helps to further protect the environment from any more degradation.

Crushed concrete pipe bedding is applied in underlying precast plastic, concrete, or other kinds of pipe, and it’s put down for trenches. This substance is strong and perfect for the bottom of trenches for pipe placements. Landscaping supply experts recommend using this material to support loads that won’t deflect or settle while remaining free-draining so water build-up is prevented around pipe zones.

Which Type of Landscaping Material Should You Use?

Suppliers with your best interests in mind will answer the question, “What is crushed concrete made from?” in reference to the type you choose and will guide you in purchasing the type of crushed concrete that would best suit your projects.

You will discover everything you need to know including whether you need to place a bulk landscape materials order with the benefit of being able to either pick it up or have it delivered when you want it.