Property Assistance: 4 Things to Remember When Mulching Your Landscape

Landscaping can significantly increase the value of your property and improve its look and feel.

Mulch is perhaps one of the most important landscape supply materials out there. Unfortunately, there are all sorts of mistakes that homeowners often make when installing mulch, that end up either ruining the look of the landscape or even killing plants and gardens.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when installing landscape mulch around your property:


    • Use the right kind of mulch — Though there are only two main types of mulch: organic and inorganic, there are all kinds of styles that have various visual benefits. Here are some of the styles of mulch that would look great on your property: red mulch, brown mulch, pine bark, black much, cypress blend, gold mulch, and many more.


    • Clear out old mulch — Old mulch should not be part of your current landscape supply. If any section of your property has been mulched before, make sure to clear them out before applying new materials. Doing this will ensure that the soil underneath remains healthy, allowing nutrients to easily gain access to the surface.


    • Be sure to use the right amount of mulch when planting trees — For some reason, many homeowners neglect to place down mulch when planting trees, but this can cause some serious problems. Mulch can help boost tree strength, but too much mulch can lead to a pest infestation down the road. For newly planted trees, at least a circle of mulch between three and four feet in diameter is required.


    • Cover all bare spots on your landscape — Don’t leave any soil exposed on your yard because that could cause erosion. The best way to ensure that your entire land is well-protected is to cover any and all bare areas with a thick layer of mulch.


If you want to learn more about mulch or any other landscape supply product like crushed concrete, topsoil, or utility sand, give Southern Landscaping Materials a call right away.