Ready For A Landscaping Upgrade? Keep These Tips In Mind

Homebuyers pay a lot of attention to a home’s curb appeal. That’s because it’s the home’s landscaping that guests and passersby see first.

You may have painted your front door a happy golden yellow. But if your yard looks sad, your home will look sad too.

The good news is giving your landscaping a facelift isn’t too difficult. You just need to know a few important details before you get started.

Don’t use the dirt from the ground

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is that they’ll try to plant flowers and other greenery right in the ground. Even if the plants you’re using aren’t native to the area, you can quickly kill them by using your average soil.

This is where landscaping supply comes in. High-quality, locally-sourced soil is vital for your gardening projects. This type of soil gives your plants the nutrients they need to survive being transplanted into a whole new space.

It’s also important to use soil for gardening specifically because there’s a big chance the natural ground soil is either too high or too low in pH. The pH level is the measure of soil acidity or alkalinity. You want a pH level that’s 7.0, which is neutral, so your plants grow healthy and strong.

Think about where the sun hits your house

Your first instinct when you’re just starting out landscaping might be to plant flowers near your front door. After all, that’s where guests will see them best.

But it’s vital that you think about where the sun hits your yard. One spot might be too sunny while another spot might have no sun at all. Read the instructions on your plants’ how-to-care guide and plant them accordingly.

Keep things in groups

It’s easy to want to go all out with your landscaping and place your flowers and other landscaping supply evenly across your yard. But it’s actually a good idea to keep your plants and other landscaping ornaments in groups.

This is because there’s strength in numbers. It’s easier to take care of one specific spot in your yard than to take care of the entire yard.

Looking for landscape mulch for your yard?

Landscaping can increase your home’s resale value by 14%. But it can be time-consuming to go back and forth to the store for different types of soil and other landscaping supplies.

Southern Landscaping Materials offers more flexible options so you can buy different volumes of soil and types of landscaping supply at your convenience. To learn more about our landscaping materials like bagged mulch or pea gravel, contact Southern Landscaping Materials today.