How to Select the Best Type of Mulch for Your Garden

gardening suppliesOf all the gardening supplies you need to help your landscaping flourish, mulch is one of the most important. But do you know how to pick the best mulch for your garden? Here’s a short guide to help you figure it out.

Shredded Hardwood
This is an excellent landscaping option for gardens on slopes and in flood-prone areas. Not only does it create a gorgeous natural look, it’s highly absorbent and works for multiple lawn purposes. Many homeowners even use this material for backyard paths.

Cocoa Mulch
Not only does this mulch provide a dark, rich color for your gardens, the addition of chopped cocoa bean hulls actually gives it a wonderfully sweet smell for the first few weeks it’s in your garden. Scent aside, this mulch can last one to three years and provides excellent coverage. But something to remember: cocoa is harmful to dogs, so this isn’t a good option for pet owners.

Straw is a popular choice for vegetable gardeners, as it provides excellent coverage and often prevents weeds from growing, with proper care. Straw can be spread up to six inches thick and should be tilled under when winter arrives. It might be a bit of work, but straw is still a good choice if you prize your vegetables.

Wood Chips
When laid over fill soil for gardening, fresh wood chips can make an excellent mulch. Not only do they provide a classic landscaping look, they’re incredibly hearty and can last up to four years with minimal maintenance.

Living Mulch
Healthy soil contains approximately 45% minerals, 25% water, and 5% organic matter. When you plant living mulch, you’re ensuring your bigger plants receive all of those benefits. This can help maintain the integrity of your plant beds while providing aesthetically pleasing appearance without the need for additional fill dirt.

Whether you opt for a dark, sweet mulch or a living one, make sure you’re taking your garden into account. What are you trying to grow and where are you located? The gardening supplies and landscape supply store runs should always coincide with the goals you have for your own garden.