Soil – The Most Important Part of Your Garden

When planting a garden, not just any soil will do. You need healthy, soil for gardening from a ground supply company that can guarantee the soils they offer are top quality. That brings up the question, what makes up healthy soil? Healthy soil is comprised of 5% organic matter, 25% air, 25% water, and 45% minerals. Your gardening project deserves the best soil so you can grow healthy fruits, vegetables, flowers, and plants. When you purchase soil for gardening from a landscape supply business, you can rest assured you are using clean and rich dirt and soils that are also free of debris.

Get Soil for Gardening Sourced from Your Area

A landscape supply in Tampa Bay is your best source for locally produced soil. This alone ensures that the soil you purchase is going to be fresh. But which type of soil is right for your specific project? It all depends on the mixture. You want soil for gardening like topsoil sourced locally, that is conducive to your environment so it aids in growth.

What Is Topsoil?

What is topsoil made of? It is the layer of soil that is closest to the earth’s surface. Topsoil is considered to be a nutrient-rich, healthy layer of earth that also consists of organic matter. It’s the perfect place for many kinds of plants to take root, grow, and literally thrive. You will recognize topsoil, which is an impeccable soil for gardening, by its deep shade of black that could vary depending on its location. The elements in topsoil include oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, as well as other nutrients essential to growth for a variety of plants.

What Are Other Types of Soil?

Before you start gardening, it is imperative that you choose the right type of soil. The wrong kind of soil will have negative effects when it comes to the vitality of your garden. Speak with landscaping specialists that focus on ground supplies in order to find out which type of soil is best for your use. Also, be sure to ask how to literally make your garden grow like crazy using other essential components such as certified organic compost.

When you want a completely organic garden, you want to use certified organic compost to add beneficial nutrients and soil microbes to your soil. You will be supplying your topsoil with everything it needs by increasing the organic matter as well as the water retention. Have you heard that just any compost may not be all it’s cracked up to be? It’s not if you purchase it from a home improvement store. Those types of compost typically contain human sewage sludge, which may contain synthetic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, and industrial solvents. This isn’t recommended for a truly organic garden. Certified organic compost is comprised of organic waste and the proper steps for decomposing have been followed so your garden is getting exactly what it needs.

Use a Local Alternative for Soil Rather Than Big Box Stores

When you want high-quality soil, you need to seek a local alternative instead of large chain stores. You’ll enjoy more flexible options such as being able to learn more about the soil you want to purchase and being able to buy in bulk whether you need enough soil for an entire garden or just enough to fill a bucket. The beauty of purchasing soil for gardening sourced locally is you get the customer service, attention, and devotion only a local supplier can give.

Use Potting Soil for Container Gardens

Not everyone wants a huge garden. Sometimes, you may just want a few plants to grow in containers. You could use a mix of topsoil and potting soil for plants, flowers, herbs, and vegetables that have been specially formulated to feed plants for up to six months. Your plants are guaranteed to get adequate nutrients, drainage, and aeration for roots. Use potting soil so the roots of your plants have better access to oxygen since the soil is not too dense. Start your own easy to reach garden in durable pots and containers.