Summer Mulching

Adding a healthy layer of mulch in the summer is a great idea.

Summer mulch cuts down on weeds, helps keep soil temperatures from fluctuating and slows the loss of moisture to evaporation.

So spread a 2- to 3-inch layer of your favorite mulch or rock over the soil around shrubs, trees and perennial plants.  When applying any kind of mulch be careful to leave some space around the plant crown, or tree base. If you pile any kind of mulch up against the crown, you will rot the plant out and it will die.

The goal during the hot Florida summer months with mulch is to help provide even moisture and cooler soil for the plant’s roots. Summer mulches can be left on and never removed since they will decay over the months while providing nutrients and improving the soil at the same time.

If the size of your mulch or rock is larger, they can be applied up to 4 inches (10 cm) deep. The larger spaces between the chunks allow more air and light in, so you will need a thicker layer for effective weed control, water conservation, and protection from heat.

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