The Benefits Of Using Landscaping Rocks In Your Yard

When it comes to landscaping ground cover, most people first turn to mulch and topsoil. While these are perfectly good options for many climates, landscaping rocks Tampa environments can use provide additional benefits year-round. If you’re looking to spruce up your landscaping design while seeing many practical benefits by making a change, consider turning to rocks.


They’re Very Low Maintenance


As rocks are non-living objects, you don’t have to constantly take care of them. When you have grass, shrubs, and vines, you need to stay on top of a regular schedule of trimming, watering, and fertilizing in order to ensure that they stay alive and look good. Although landscape mulch is technically non-living matter as well, wood chips and bark chips typically need to be replaced every few months because the color fades over time. Ground cover composed of rocks does not need regular replacing as it’ll have the same look year-round.


They Can Survive Anything


The landscaping rocks Tampa needs have to be durable in order to make it through a number of outdoor factors that can affect your landscaping. Unlike ground cover made of plants and mulch, rocks are not affected by strong winds, heavy rain, long droughts, or intense sun. They can survive most extreme weather while protecting the fill dirt and soil that is in your yard from erosion and sun exposure. Landscaping rocks can also survive less threatening elements, like pets and children tramping through gardens. A garden filled with plants that you lovingly curated can be in danger of just one foot stepping on their stems, but there’s no risk for ruin with a ground cover of rocks.


They Keep Away Bugs And Weeds


Rocks work to keep your landscaping healthy and your workload light. Just a one-inch layer of small rocks can make for excellent weed control. While determined weeds can pop up in any cover of plants or mulch, they have much more difficulty sprouting through rocks. Ground cover that decomposes, like wood chips or plants, also tend to attract hundreds of different kinds of bugs, especially termites. Rocks are not nearly as attractive to these pesky insects as they don’t decompose, thereby minimizing the risk of a dangerous infestation.


It may seem strange to replace the greenery in your yard with landscaping rocks, but they can be extremely helpful while also adding an interest design element to your yard. To learn more about what kinds of landscaping rocks Tampa homeowners can use, contact Southern Landscaping Materials today.