The Most Unlikely Uses for Pea Gravel Around the Modern Home

pea gravelPea gravel is a popular hardscaping material for backyard patios, walkways, and garden paths. However, because it is both versatile and durable, pea gravel has a number of applications beyond the hardscaping world. Plus, because of this washed gravel’s sleek and attractive appearance, it is a visually appealing choice in virtually any application.

If you have some leftover pea gravel or are planning one of the projects below, here are some of the best, and most unlikely, residential uses for pea gravel:

Whether you have a large aquarium acting as a housing centerpiece in your living room or you enjoy having one or two aquariums throughout your home, this inexpensive and versatile type of gravel is great for giving your aquarium some layering.

Fire Pits
This decorative small rock can also be used for the base of fire pits, as well. In order to give your property a nice bump in both overall value and appearance, simply place down a circular layer of pea gravel on your lawn, put down an edge, craft a nice fire pit in the middle of your property, and enjoy!

Children’s Playgrounds
Rather than kids running around on sharp stone playgrounds that could have dangerous sharp rocks hidden within them, using this type of gravel is a much better option. This gravel will stay secure and won’t cause many slips and trips, and even if the kids do tumble (which kids do better than anybody), they won’t be harmed by any sharp edges. Pea gravel provides both traction and cushioning, which is why it’s a popular choice for backyard playgrounds.

As Mulch
Certain types of gravel can act as a mulch replacement on your property. Whether you’re planting trees, which require a circle of mulch between three and four feet in diameter, or you need an outline for your garden, gravel can be a great mulch replacement. This material can still suppress weed growth and retain moisture — plus, it doesn’t decompose like organic mulch or other types of soil will. Another big plus: rodents won’t be able to dig through pea gravel (so long as you put a base of larger rocks beneath it) and cause any damage.

If you’re in need of landscaping supplies for your next DIY backyard project, or you want to learn more about how this type of gravel can help your property and landscape look more complete, contact Southern Landscaping Materials today.