Uses for Crushed Concrete Around the House

Crushed concrete or recycled concrete (it is the same thing) can be a useful material in your landscape projects. Uses for crushed concrete in the yard are numerous. Crushed concrete Tampa homeowners have found can be a great affordable option for a wide range of projects.

Crushed concrete is small chunks of concrete that have been recycled from larger pieces of concrete. It is an environmentally friendly material that you can find at your landscape supply store.

Uses for Crushed Concrete in the Garden

This material is a great way to provide drainage in raised beds. Spread some crushed concrete and cover with landscape mulch. This will help to ensure that your raised bed has a good foundation and that it drains well.
Another one of the uses for crushed concrete in the garden is to use it to create paths. A walkaway around your garden made of crushed concrete will add some visual interest and keep feet out of your flowers. A crushed concrete path serves as a great border and barrier.

Uses for Crushed Concrete In Landscaping

If you need to improve drainage in the yard, lay pipe, or want to create a small retaining wall, crushed concrete has you covered. This can be a great material to help get your landscaping in top condition.

Improving drainage in the yard is simple when you use recycled concrete. Simply dig a small trench, add some concrete chunks and your drainage problems will be solved. If you have the need to lay pipe anywhere on your property, crushed concrete makes a great substrate to give the piping a strong foundation.

You can easily use this material to build a small retaining wall to help keep soil in place. There are so many ways this material can help you to improve your landscaping.

It is Good for the Environment

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly material to use in your yard and your gardens crushed concrete is an excellent option. If you use this recycled concrete you are helping to keep the waste out of the landfill.

It is a material that you do not have to worry about leaching chemicals into your landscape or garden. It is affordable. Learn more about the uses of crushed concrete at your local landscape supply store.