Why Mulch Matters: 5 Backyard Benefits Of Mulch

topsoilSpring is a herald of many things. As the weather finally breaks and warms up, trees start sprouting leaves, green grass emerges from the barren topsoil, and gardeners the nation over begin preparing for the growing season. Such preparations can be extensive, depending on your level of experience and commitment to your garden, but mulch is a great place to begin. Let’s find out why.

  • Appearance: The addition of mulch provides a manicured look to your landscape beds, across trees and shrubs, and between garden beds. The bold and rich color gives everything a very clean and neat appearance — it can even complement the hues of your home and flower gardens.
  • Improves soil health: Mulch made from organic materials naturally deposits nutrients into the topsoil as it breaks down. At the same time, microbes and insects that are present consume the mulch, adding by-products back into the soil in the form of organic matter.
  • Protects against temperature change: Mulch is an insulator. It helps regulate soil temperature so that plant roots stay cool in the scorching heat of summer, and warm during the winter. New plantings performed in the fall are especially susceptible to death during the winter, and mulch helps guard against such an outcome.
  • Conserves moisture: Mulch absorbs water and slows evaporation. This means you will spend less time watering, and you’ll feel reassured during particularly oppressive heat waves — you’ll know that your plants are getting the water they need.
  • Prevents weeds: Though it protects the plants it surrounds, two to three inches of mulch naturally prevents weeds from sprouting by blocking their access to sunlight. Since weeding is the bane of all gardeners, the less you have to do, the better!

Though mulch comes in two types (organic and inorganic) its contribution to your backyard landscape is unquestionable; when paired with landscaping rocks (such as pea gravel, crushed shells, or the basic crushed stone), you’ll have a yard that looks well-cared for and healthy. As a final bonus, mulch — like topsoil — comes in both bagged and bulk options; get either delivered to your home and watch as the true gardener within emerges.