Why Use Potting Soil?

There are different types of soil that are meant to support different types of planting. For example, one of the primary topsoil uses is to “top off” your garden areas. Fill dirt (another soil) helps to fill in areas that need to be built up. Potting soil is another type of soil that serves a specific purpose.

A lot of people ask why using potting soil is important for their potted plants when other soil options are less expensive. Knowing when to use potting soil and understanding why it is the best option can help your plants to thrive.

Why Use Potting Soil?

There are several answers to the why use potting soil question. First and foremost, potting soil comes with the nutrients built-in that your plants need to thrive but that is not all it has to offer your container plants.

When you plant outdoors right in the ground there are natural things that occur that ensure your plants do well. Insects and worms naturally aerate the soil and deliver oxygen to the roots. There are nutrients that are naturally found in ground soil that plants can absorb. The roots of plants when planted outdoors are given the freedom to roam throughout the soil in search of moisture and nutrients.

Plants that are confined in containers do not have access to these naturally occurring benefits which is why you use potting soil. Here are a few sound reasons to the why use potting soil question:

  • It helps prevent root rot.
  • It helps ensure moisture is evenly distributed.
  • It delivers nutrition to your plants.

A good quality Tampa potting soil will drain well and keep from becoming compacted around the root. Good drainage is important to help potted or container plantings from developing root rot from excess moisture.

Potting soil is lighter than other types of soils and it comes complete with all the nutrients build right in to give your container plants what they need to grow and thrive. Other soils cannot deliver what potting soil can.

When To Use Potting Soil

Now that you know why using potting soil, all that is left is to know when it is the right medium to use. Potting soil is perfect for containers, pots, starting seedlings, and even as a mix in with other soils. Give your container plants what they need and watch them grow and thrive. So why use potting soil? As you can see from above, it is the best option to allow your plantings to truly thrive.